Part 1

Ce travail « Mémoire Résistances et Citoyenneté » est celui souhaité par un professeur (Mme Humpich) et un groupe d’étudiants de CP HEC 1 pour la Journée Portes Ouvertes du 17 mai 2003 marquant le centenaire de cet établissement.

L’Histoire de l’Alsace et de Strasbourg pendant la 2e Guerre Mondiale fut tourmentée, tragique et eut des caractéristiques bien spécifiques.

Dans le couloir d’entrée du Lycée, la présence de plaques rappelle la disparition de professeurs et d’élèves victimes du nazisme, d’antisémitisme et de faits de guerre au cours de ce conflit.
Ce fut l’amorce de la décision de traiter ce thème en cette journée.


Professeurs et élèves passent devant ces plaques en n’y prêtant guère attention.
Mon travail entend interpeller les visiteurs, attirer leur attention par des éclairages, une signalisation.
Évoquer la mémoire de plusieurs des anciens élèves figurant sur les plaques par des photos, des documents et un résumé de leur existence tronquée.


Part 1

The project entitled “Remembrance Resistance and Citizenship” was thought out
by Mrs. JL Humpich and a group of her students in CPGE in the Lycée International,
Strasbourg, for the special Open Day commemorating the 100th anniversary of the school.

Indisputably, the history of Elsass and Strasbourg during the second World War
was troubled, tragic and bound to result in a clearly defining set of characteristics.

Inside the lycée, in the main corridor, the stone-made commemorative plate and subservient
names of both female students and teachers victimized by nazism, anti- semitism
and war outrage during the war can be read.
Undeniably, teachers and pupils alike usually walk past this plate hardly ever noticing it.
This was our initial starting point leading to working out the project for Saturday May 17 th 2003.

Hence, my art-work was meant to arise the visitor’s concern, draw his attention on to the plate
thanks to a carefully – devised light system, therefore pointing to the very significance
of the carved plate. My purpose also consisted in evoking the memory of former pupils by matching
their names inscribed on the plate with related items : photos, documents and a short biography
of their half-lived existences.

This “light spotting device” lighting up the plate was then accompanied by a series of
volume-conceived compositions set on pivoting bases: glass-made cups, mirrors broken
into pieces, wooden puppets baked-clay figurines , photographed and scanned files can
also be examined – all of them remind the visitor of what Strasbourg used to be like at the time.
This first art-work, standing for the theme of REMEMBRANCE is entitled :
« A city snuggling stiff within the shadow of its cathedral »


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